Mobile Apps

We create mobile experiences
that no web interface can deliver.

The World is Mobile

Everyone by now knows that the future of web is mobile. More and more consumers will access the internet via smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. But what is more interesting from recent research is that 85% of consumers favor apps over mobile websites. Creating mobile user experiences that delight users should provide relevant functionality, structured navigation, mobile-appropriate content, and of course striking design.

Our Expertise

Boomar’s first iOS application – and company product too – was Mind the Buzz, a trivia game aimed for the Greek market. Its impact was huge. It became number one app in the Greek AppStore in less than 24 hours and remained there for 5 months! More apps came along, for clients who saw the shift to mobile and understood the value they can give to their consumers by creating mobile experiences that no web interface could provide.

Latest Mobile Projects